August 21st to the 23rd, 2015

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Bitcoin for Beginners

What is bitcoin? How do you use it? Where do I get it? These are some of the many questions that will be answered at this bitcoin session. For those who are completely new to this cryptocurrency, and for those who want a refresher this is the place to be!

Bitcoin Rules and Regulations in North America

With bitcoin becoming a growing forth in the financial markets, governments all over the world are scrambling to understand what to make of them. This one of the highlights at the Expo as we bring highly regarded experts to weigh in on the laws and regulations that bitcoin users in Canada and the U.S should be made aware of.

The BlockChain

What makes Bitcoin so unique? What is the technology behind the cryptocurrency that makes it so valuable? A group of panellists will discuss about their own experience and usage of the technology known as blockchain; the back bone of bitcoin cryptocurency!

Bitcoin in the Entertainment World

This session we will discuss the various ways that Bitcoin has been in the media, TV shows, and beyond. Special guest attending via Skype Alex Preukschat, the writer of the first Bitcoin centric graphic novel “Bitcoin: The Hunt For Satoshi Nakamoto”.

Bitcoin vs. Taxes

With the popularity of bitcoin spreading across the globe, taxes are not very far behind. This isn’t your old school type of taxes. This is taxes meets the Matrix! Ok maybe it's not that extreme, but it’s definitely gone into new territory here and in this session you will be informed on what to do with your bitcoins vis-à-vis Federal and Provincial taxes.