August 21st to the 23rd, 2015

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Bitcoin?

    Bitcoin is a deregulated digital currency; this means that it is not influenced by any central bank. This form of digital currency uses a method of encryption (which why it's called cryptocurrency) that has many beneficial features that makes it superior to regular currency.

  • Why was it created?

    In 2008 the financial crisis hit hard in the United States and many other countries across the world. This was due to several factors; over indebted countries, the housing crisis, and the mismanagement of the financial markets. This affected the economic health of those countries and in a Global market a domino effect occurred as one country after another fell into recession. It was in response to the 2008 financial crisis that someone of the name of Satoshi Nakamoto decided to create this cryptocurrency and in early 2009 the world was introduced to Bitcoin!

  • How can I get Bitcoin?

    There are a different ways to have Bitcoins. The following three below are ways in obtaining Bitcoin.

    1. 1) Go online and visit a Bitcoin Exchange site. There are a few out there with different kinds of services available, but most are helpful in showing you how to get access in getting Bitcoins. From those sites, you can purchase Bitcoins for a very small fee.

    2. 2) Using a Bitcoin Teller Machine, also known as a 'BTM' for short. It's a physical machine that is similar in function to a regular ATM, except you can purchase Bitcoin or even withdrawal fiat currency (ex. Canadian/American money etc...) equivalent of Bitcoin. Once you have Bitcoin, you would not have to worry about any transaction fees when you actually use it for purchases.

    3. 3) 'Mine' Bitcoin. This is no longer a practical option as the hardware used to extract this digital currency online is both very expensive and impractical for average person to have. For all three cases, you will need a digital wallet in order to make Bitcoin transactions.

  • What is a 'digital wallet'?

    A digital wallet is essential in making transactions with the Bitcoin. You must have a digital wallet first in order to have Bitcoin. Although it's called a wallet, it doesn't hold the Bitcoin digital currency in its entirety. The digital wallet is a container for the point of reference of where your Bitcoins are located online.

  • Can I use Bitcoin in Canada?

    Definitely! It is perfectly legal here and you can purchase items from either online or real stores that accept Bitcoin from anywhere in Canada. In fact there are many local businesses right here in Montreal that gladly accepts Bitcoin! Click here to see some and where they're located.

  • I hear that it can be used for illegal purposes...

    Just like American money, Bitcoin is used by people all over the world. And as we know, people use American currency for all sorts of things. Most of the time American currency is used legally and responsibly, but there are times when American money is used for illegal reasons. That being said, YOU are responsible of how you use your money.

  • Does Bitcoin really look like this?

    No it does not. Bitcoins are made of data that was generated from a mathematical algorithm. It is a digital currency with no physical form. However, many in the media wanted to give a visual for it. This unfortunately made many people confused on its actual composition and many still believe it is a real physical coin.

  • Is the Montreal Bitcoin Expo entrance fee really free and why?

    The Montreal Bitcoin Expo entrance fee is 100% free. Our vision for the first ever Montreal Bitcoin Expo is to allow everyone to get a chance at seeing and understanding what Bitcoin is truly about. We found other conventions for Bitcoin great but they tend to be too focused on those who already use and understand it. We believe this financial/technological marvel should be introduced to anyone and everyone.

    Bitcoin has gained much ground into the mainstream population, but we feel there is still a lot of work to be done on that front. The best way to attract a greater following would be to give an incentive of free entry and to let themselves be fully immersed in the Bitcoin world so that that can truly understand and appreciate this new digital currency! There will be multiple lectures on understanding what Bitcoin is and how to use it. These are made specifically for people who are new to the Bitcoin community. So come and enjoy the Expo, you have everything to gain in learning about Bitcoin.

  • What about us current Bitcoin users? Is this expo only for new users?

    We definitely haven't forgotten about you. Montreal is home to many early adopters of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency and we are proud to have a Bitcoin Embassy located in the heart of down town Montreal that helps further educate the people of Montreal on the importance of Bitcoin. Click here to check them out!

    As for the content, we will have veteran speakers known within the Bitcoin community both locally and globally at the Expo. These speakers will be on panels for topics where existing understanding about Bitcoin is highly suggested.

  • Apart from the speakers for the panels, what else is there at the expo?

    We will be having booths of various businesses that provide Bitcoin related services. Some are local companies while others are from other parts of the world!

    In addition to that, we will also show case various local businesses that accept Bitcoins when purchasing products or services from them. You will be shocked and amazed by the different kinds of stores that already accept Bitcoin!

  • I want to obtain Bitcoin for myself, will there be a way to do that at the expo?

    There will be a Bitcoin Teller Machine (BTM) on site inside the Expo where you can purchase Bitcoins for yourself!

  • Where and when is the Montreal Bitcoin Expo taking place?

    It will take place on August 21st - 23rd at Centre Mont-Royal located at 2200 Mansfield, Montreal. See the location section for detailed street address and directions.