August 21st to the 23rd, 2015

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Guest Speakers

Jillian Friedman

As an experienced attorney she offers legal consultation on matters concerning the rules and regulations of Bitcoin in Quebec. A well-known advocate for Bitcoin within the community and with much knowledge and experience in this field she is currently a legal consultant for the Montreal Bitcoin Embassy. Click here to visit her law firm.

Francis Pouliot

As director of public affairs, he is one of the major faces you will meet at the Montreal Bitcoin Embassy. He works tirelessly to bring about the promotion and education of Bitcoin throughout Quebec and beyond! Recently, one of those successful events was a collaboration between the Montreal Bitcoin Embassy and the McGill Cryptocurrency Club. This was a non-profit event in which they helped promote adoption of Bitcoin to local students by giving them free Bitcoin. This is only one of many positive promotions that Francis and the Montreal Bitcoin Embassy bring to the community. Click here to visit the Montreal Bitcoin Embassy.

Adam Atlas

A legal attorney in both the Province of Quebec and the State of New York, he brings with him much experience in helping people understand the laws concerning the usage of Bitcoin in both countries. Click here to visit his law firm.

Louis Sirois

With over 25 years as a legal attorney, his passion and advocacy of this cryptocurrency brings much welcome support to the Bitcoin community. Click here to visit his law firm.

Alex Preukschat

The author of BITCOIN: The hunt for Satoshi Nakamoto, the first Bitcoin centric graphic novel. Alex Preukschat brings this cyrptocurrency into a fantastical story of epic intrigue and adventure. This is a must for those who love animated story telling and Bitcoin! To know more about him, the graphic novel and how to buy it click here!

Shawn Wilkinson

Head developer at Storj, a decentralized cloud storage company that uses BlockChain technology to make storing data in the cloud safe,secure and simple to use. He is a known figure in the Bitcoin community and has raised awareness of how the core technology behind Bitcoin is helping improve the world on so many levels! You can start storing securely on the cloud at Storj right here!

Eric Spano

A finance and technology enthusiast, Eric works as a senior accountant at EY, where he is part of the global digital currency and asset technology team. He is the Founder + CEO of Bylls, Canada's first bill payment website for Bitcoin users, while also acting as the Treasurer for the Bitcoin Alliance of Canada. Click here to visit Bylls!

Rik Willard

Rik Willard is the Chief Executive of RULE7MEDIA and Founder of MintCombine, which was the world's first Digital Currency think tank. He has over 25 years experience in developing and deploying innovative digital platforms as well as identifying, incubating and securing financing for early-stage companies. He is a pioneer in location-based and consumer-engagement media including digital out-of-home, content/asset management, mobile and social media for clients that have included: MGM Resorts, Calvin Klein Cosmetics, Lucent Technologies, Dictaphone, The French Ready-to-Wear Association (Pret-a-Porter) and others. Rik is a featured speaker concerning entrepreneurship and digital matters with both national television and live appearances to his credit, including Harvard Business School, CNN, CNBC, the Kaufmann Institute/Stern Business School, and others. He is a Fellow at the Foreign Policy Association, a Corporate Roundtable Member of the World Council of Mayors and a member of the World Future Society.